Bronze BA850 Properties


Product: Jual Bronze BA850
Kategori: Carbon Steel

Description: We provide various kinds of parts for our customers such as
sleeve, bushing,gear materials, bearing materials etc which are made from
copper and copper alloys materials.
The bronze range which we supply is as follows:
• Leaded Tin Bronze
• High Leaded Tin Bronze
• Phosphor Bronze
• Manganese Bronze
• Aluminum Bronze

Casting bronze product is produced with full automatic casting machine
through two main processes which are continuous and centrifugal casting.
Both line production processes will guarantee a maximum quality result and
flawless porosity so that it shows the highest level of mechanical
Alpha Bronze Grades
BA 850 BA 950S BA 830 BA 860 BA 840 BA 800 BA 720L BA 810

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Nama: mugiyono

Phone: 082288883967


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