Hardox Wearparts Presence in Vietnam

SSAB, the world-renowned and leading producer of high-strength steel, is now able to provide customers in Vietnam with more quality wear parts and increased access to technical support with two new Hardox Wearparts centers. The new Wearparts centers are Green Equipment (GRES) in Ho Chi Minh City, and Gia Anh Investment Trading Co Ltd in Hanoi.

Strengthening Hardox Wearparts Presence in Vietnam

GRES was the first Hardox Wearparts center appointed during the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2020, with the diploma certification only formalized recently as the country opened its borders. The company focuses on the steel and coal power segments and specializes in supplying materials and equipment for the environment industry and transportation of raw materials.

The next center Gia Anh Investment Trading Co Ltd, a Hanoi-based company focuses on cement and coal power segments, including automotive, mining, and steel. They can handle most Hardox® wear plates from Hardox® 450 to Hardox® HiAce and Hardox® HiTemp.

"By partnering with local companies that supply wear services, we can provide our end customers with local and rapid access to quality wear parts and technical support. By growing the network of Hardox Wearparts centers and the range of products and services they provide, we are continuously improving our service capacity," added SSAB.

A Partner in Productivity

Hardox Wearparts is a worldwide network of wear service centers that provides customers with high productivity and low maintenance costs globally. SSAB can support users with the right choice of wear parts and services in the most efficient way through such centers. The first Hardox Wearparts centers were opened in 2000 in Europe, and the number has since passed the 500 mark, with the two new full-service centers in Vietnam being the latest in South East Asia.

Each Hardox Wearparts center operates according to high standards on staff skills, ensuring the quality, performance, and safety of the center's parts and services. Members of the network have access to the world's most extensive wear knowledge base, where practical knowledge and expertise are shared to ensure customers' equipment and installations are done perfectly.

For more information about the Hardox Wearparts program, please visit the official Hardox Wearparts website to learn more.

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